How do I know if I qualify? 


The Homeownership Application process is comprehensive however we have determined four key facotrs to help deteremine potential for partnerships between you and Habitat. 

Please take time review our basic qualifications to see if you meet our general partnership requirements

Do you have a housing need?

We ask two questions to help determine if your need.

  • Do you own the home you are currently living in? 

  • Is your current housing inadequate and/or the living conditions are substandard? 

Applicant’s total annual family income must fall within the range of guidelines, which are based on 30% of median family income as established by HUD for the Guam area. These ranges are updated periodically. You can view the current income limits here. 

Do you have the ability to pay a ZERO interest mortgage? Our program looks at three factors before during the pre-application process. 

  • Do you have excessive credit card debt or multiple bills in collections (*excluding medical debt)? 

  • Have you declared bankruptcy in the last 3 years? 

  • Have you had stable income for the last 12 months? 

Are you willing to become a Habitat Partner? The Habitat program's success is built on the partnerships. As a potential Habitat Homeowner will you be will and able to partner with Habitat, committing to 500 hours of 'Sweat Equity" building your home and your neighbors's homes? 

 📝 A pre­-application for Homeownership is available to everyone to help you determine

if the Habitat Program is right for you. Contact our office today.